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Well, it has been more than few years since I sat down and sent out a holiday letter. No matter how much you try to hide, we hear about all of the terrible things in the world. We’re caught up in the rush that is our lives, our jobs, our commitments, our projects and too often focus on our frustrations.

I just feel like more than ever, this year I want to focus on what is beautiful in my life and what I am so grateful and happy for:

Dave and DebI am grateful for my wonderful relationship with Deb. We moved in together last summer and it was the best decision I ever made. She is always behind me and has the incredible ability to make me laugh when I feel down. I spent many years looking, but I have finally found the person that I will spend the rest of my life with.

Dave and Mom

I am incredibly thankful for my Mom. She is 80 years old and still can run circles around me. She is the rock around which our entire family is anchored.



Dad and Luch


I’m blessed and thankful for the relationship I have with my daughter Luciana. She is working hard to make her mark on the world and I am so proud of her.



I am so blessed for my family…my brother, sister, niece, godsons, cousins, aunts, step children, and everyone else in our little circle. One of my greatest pleasures is hosting get togethers and getting to spend time with some or all of them.

I am grateful for my music. Every time I climb behind that drum kit and the music starts, I am in the transported to a place of sheer joy and happiness. It is written all over my face.

Harley RideI am so thankful for the peace I feel riding my Harley on a deserted, winding back road in the middle of nowhere, overlooking a beautiful lake or mountain range. The wind in my face and the exhalation of
coming out of a corner puts me in a peaceful, calm place.

I am blessed to be able to stay in touch with my friends from the many roads I have traveled in my life so far: high school, college, work, Rotary, the PMC, theater, music food and wine, and my neighbors and community.

SarnanoI’m grateful for my beautiful homeland…Italia. I had the chance to spend sixteen days there admiring the beauty of the ocean, the mountains and the passing time with my friends and family there.

I took the leap after 33 years of working for myself, went to work for someone else. When Deb and I are sitting on a beach in Jamaica and I am getting paid for that time, all of the worries of going to work for someone melt away. I did make the right decision.

IMG_3351Our annual Toys for Tots Party was a lot of fun. great food, great friends and a karaoke holiday sing along!  Most importantly ,we collected and donated almost 70 toys to make the holidays a little brighter for a needy child.

My challenges this next year are simple….lose 2 pounds a week, get a knee replacement and get back in shape. With all of your help and support, I will make it happen.

Here is hoping that you can find some time, during this holiday season, to reflect on what you are grateful and what brings you peace and joy.


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