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  1. Smash Olives with a Piece of Wood and Pit
  2. Add lemon juice to prevent oxidization
  3. Put Pitted Olives in a Big Pot and Filled with Hot Water for 5 Minutes. The fill pot with cold water and changed every two days, liberally sprinkled with kosher  12 -14 days, until olives are no longer bitter  Make sure the container is airtight
  4. In a large mason jar, put 1 tsp sea salt,  2- 3 garlic cloves ( cut in quarters), and celery pieces in  in the bottom and top of the jar and stuff pitted olives into jar ( really stuff them in)
  5. Add 1 – 2 springs of fresh rosemary
  6. Emulsify 81 0z of vegetable oil and 27 oz of apple cider vinegar ( 3:1 ratio) by putting 45 oz o the oil in a bowl and whisking in 15 oz of the cider vinegar . Put into 64oz sterilized pitcher
  7. Slowly pour oil in, letting bubbles rise. Keep pouring until all bubbles stop and oil fills to the top of the jar.
  8. Put on lid and hand tighten until you can turn anymore.
  9. Turn upside down for one day
  10. Turn olives right side up and store in a cool dark place
  11. Olive should be ready on 30 days

Makes 6 Quart and 6 pint jars

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