One of my favorite drummers of all time is Little Feat’s Richie Hayward. He is currently battling liver cancer, but st turning the corner.

His wife posted this today. I found it to be so appropriate for anyone…

1) Listen closely to the silence in between the words
2) Always say an appropriate Thank you, as you would not be where you are today without the help of those around you!
3) Making changes to learn how to love someone more, is something you will never regret.
4) Keep your eyes forward. Not looking back except to be grateful for the lessons given from where you came.
5) Stuff won’t make you happy
6) When you love someone, small quarters and loving silence, can be the place where you feel the most space, and have the best conversations with no words at all.
7) Live your life now, nothing is too late, until it is!

Words to live by….


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