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Spring and Summer 2022

In italy, being a Notary Public is a big deal. Unlike here in the US, where the primary role of Notaries are to validate signature, in Italy, all land closings are handled by Notaries, working in conjunction with an “avvocato” or lawyer.

My goal was simple.  I wanted to get the land transferred to my name so that I could start the permitting process, and starting to meet with contractors while I was still in Italy in the summer of 2022.  Once we had resolved the situation with the land parcels and the “Agenzia Entrada”  ( the Italian IRS) we were ready to have my  mother convey the property to me.  

 I reached out to  a friend of mine to get a recommendation. I started working with Enrico in March of 2022.  Since both the seller ( my Mom) and the buyer (me) both lived in the US, we needed to be in Italy for the closing.  That wasnt going to work becuase it made no sense for me to  make a spec


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