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Every one knows about Italy.  The food, the people, the beauty, the landscape, the history , the charm……la dolce vita.

Since I was a toddler, I have spent time in this beautiful country enjoying my family and all that Italy has to offer.  I used to joke and say…as long as I dont have to deal with the government or banks…everything  is great.

You have no idea how prophetic that statement is……

As I mentioned before, a new law that reimbursed owners for 50% of the renovation they do to their properties came into effect.  Last January, I decided to take on this project.

At the time, the two parcels of land and the partially completed home was in my mothers name.  For me to qualify for anything, I needed to get the property in my name.  

This happens all of the time in the US, ( especially with beach houses) .  We draw up a deed where I buy the property for $1, file it with the Registry of Deeds and your done. 

Not in italy….

It took me almost 6 months to have title to the property pass to from me to my mother.  Why. Let’s take a look at how land is registered and owned in Italy. 

In the United States title to property is assigned to one person, 2 people , a trust or a corporation, Not in Italy.  The neighborhood that my house is in has 10 people who own property.   Any common property has all 10 people on the title.  Oftentimes, when registering the land, people make mistake in the registry called cadasto.  The original barn sat on Parcel 153 that my grandmother willed to my Mom.  ( or so I thought ….more on that later.) The parcel in from of it (23) was owned by my grandmother’s sister (Egle)  To build her house, she decided to buy the property in front of the barn from my aunt.   No problem.,

It took over 3 months to get all of the information from the government for the passing.  The first thing we had to do was combine the parcels in my mother’s name.  Simple document to the cadasto.  After waiting over a month, we get a letter back saying that my Mom doesnt own parcel 153, it is owned by everyone and she owned 10%.  When construction started, no one in the permitting process never bothered to check if the cadasto was correct. 

 We had to prove to the government that my Mom was willed that property, which happened more than 25 years ago. Fortunately, my cousin kept all of the documents, and we then had to submit them for the correction.  Another month later, we had a single parcel that I could purchase.

Now to make that purchase happen……

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